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Alia Vis

Darlington, Durham - Counselling
Updated August 8th 2017 by Emanuela Fulli
6 Pioneer Court
Durham, DL1 4WD
United Kingdom

    About Alia Vis

    My name is Emanuela Fulli, I am Italian and I live in England, UK.

    I am a Holist, which means that I work with my Clients considering any level: physical, mental and spiritual.

    Alia Vis in Latina means "the other strength" because the first one is yourself.

    I am a Back-to-Self Holistic Coach and I practice a 'Person Related' Coaching in the that leads to self-discovering, self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-confidence, character strengthening, inner freedom... in the "here & now".

    I am ICF CCC (International Coach Federation - Professional Certified Coach), a Humanistic-Existential Holistic Counsellor in training and a Reiki Degree 2 practitioner.

    I am comfortable with any type of Client as I have worked with a variety of different situations, countries, cultures, religions, education levels and so on...

    A Coaching process is generally about 10 sessions of 1 hour each (f2f or virtual). During the introductory meeting (called Intake Session) we get to know each other, we establish the boundaries of our professional relationship and you share the goal that you want to achieve.

    You can expect from me lots of questions, trust, motivation, support, encouragement, intention and empathy.

    I expect from you to believe in yourself and in the effectiveness of Coaching!

    Watch my introductory mini-video
    Member Organisations
    Professional Certified Coach - ICF International Coach Federation BACP British Association Counselling Psychotherapy Student Member Reiki Degree 2 - Usui Reiki Khyoho
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